I went to Webb High School and graduated from the University of Tennessee. I’ve raised my family here and consider it my home. My wife, daughter and I live in Kingston Hills behind West Town Mall.

My father was teacher. While working full time and with two infants at home, he went back to school, got his Masters’ degree so he could become a principal. He taught me the importance of education by example. He was a WWII veteran and a POW. He and his three brothers all went to college after the war on the G.I .bill.

My mother stayed home and raised four children. She taught me to work hard, keep plugging away and to have faith in the outcome.

Greg Mackay with his wife and daughter

Now, I am a Real Estate Broker at Coldwell Banker, Wallace & Wallace, Realtors with over 12 years of experience.

I am a member and former chair of the University of Tennessee Political Science Department Advisory Board.

I served as the Administrator of Elections for Knox County, running all the local, state and federal elections. I modernized the office and developed the  Early Voting system we still use. During my tenure there, I registered over 10,000 new voters, and presided over the 2008 presidential election, the largest in Knox County’s history.

I am passionate about the democratic process, and come this November, I hope you will be too.

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Make your voice heard. The General Election will be held on Tuesday, Nov. 6 (Early voting: October 17-November 1). The deadline to register to vote is Tuesday, Oct. 9, 2018.