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Too many people cannot afford or outright do not have health insurance. Recently, I talked to a family in my neighborhood. They both work. He’s a contractor and she cleans houses. They don’t have any coverage at all. They can’t afford it. They’re not alone. In fact, there are 25,000 Veterans in Tennessee who don’t have any health insurance coverage.

We can do better than this.

We should have already passed the Governor’s Insure Tennessee plan. I know it was from a different party but that shouldn’t matter. If it’s a good plan, good for the state and good for the district, then I’m for it. It doesn’t matter whose idea it was.

When we expand healthcare access at least three good things will happen: First, your premiums will go likely go down, many rural hospitals will be able to stay open and finally, we will have more money to deal with the opioid crisis. Both the Sheriff and the District Attorney have told me that 99% of property crime is drug related. If we can slow this epidemic, we can cut the crime rate.


We have so many hardworking folks in the district who can’t seem to get ahead. Too many families rely on low wage jobs without health care, retirement or other benefits. We need good jobs with real benefits. It’s time to make investments in our people and in our communities

We should be proud of Governor Haslam's Tennessee Promise program which allows many Tennesseans to obtain higher education tuition-free. Our state needs a highly trained workforce with diversified skills to be competitive in today's economy.


The long-term answer is to provide our children with the best possible education. Educators need more resources. We need to support and protect our public education system. And before anyone gets on the voucher/charter school bandwagon they need to go see a Community School. Go see what is happening at Pond Gap or check out any of the 15 community schools the Great Schools partnership is running.

Our children should be the focus of state government. We should be proud that nearly every child in Tennessee has health care coverage

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